“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” – Paul Halmos

We work with pupils who are identified by their teachers or parents as struggling with maths. Often these children will have a weak understanding of the language of mathematics or how to retain concepts. They may see numbers but do not know what they mean, such as the “threeness” of three or the “fourness” of four! They may also experience difficulties with sequences and patterns and transferring from the concrete to the abstract. A child who finds mathematics a challenge may also develop a lack of confidence and self-esteem and these feelings can impact on their other work too.


Early intervention is the key to supporting children who have fundamental gaps in their understanding of basic numeracy. Our aim is to help children build up a sound mathematical understanding of numbers and their relationships. We encourage children to use a variety of versatile concrete materials to provide practical experience and visual models and then progress steadily towards the more abstract and symbolic methods associated with formal written mathematics. We constantly review and revisit topics, in a range of different ways, and encourage the children to reflect on how they can apply the knowledge they have gained to their lives and experiences. We endeavour to provide pupils with the mathematical skills and knowledge they will need to move through life.


By carrying out a focussed initial assessment we can identify areas of strength, inconsistency and areas for development. In liaison with teachers and parents we set clear and measurable targets and lead customised sessions which address the targets. We celebrate children’s successes and work on developing their confidence and self esteem so that they enjoy mathematics and see that it can be exciting, fun and relevant.