How Legadel Achieve Their Goals

Legadel achieve their goals by:

  • Enabling schools to set up or improve their system for identifying and supporting children with SEN
  • Enabling children with SEN to develop to their maximum potential through supportive intervention and personalised plans
  • Transforming the way that children with SEN are supported by facilitating the co-ordinated efforts of teachers, professionals and parents
  • Educating parents of the community through interactive, informative workshops and providing collaboration between professionals, parents and school staff to ensure the optimal success of any intervention which is key to maintaining a child’s progress over time
  • Ensuring early intervention which is vital to enable a child to be successful at school and later in life
  • Providing services regardless of whether children are from families with limited financial means. Legadel believes everyone deserve equal access to all forms of specialist support
  • Guaranteeing confidentiality will be preserved for every child receiving Legadel services