A Jewish child that can’t read Hebrew fluently and/or accurately will struggle in a big part of his/her daily life in school, shul and later on in life. Besides davening, most of the Kodesh curriculum is Hebrew text based which intensifies with age.

Self-esteem is harmed tremendously when a child is unable to master the davening or text confidentially.

Early intervention is highly recommended as it eases the process of remediation. After an initial assessment Kriah specialist teachers will use various methods and approaches to build a personal program for the child. The aim is to get the child confident in all parts of the Hebrew reading from letter and vowel recognition through to reading single syllables, multi syllabic words, words with the various Sheva rules and general text ultimately.

A child who spends too much effort on decoding the words has no energy left to comprehend what he is reading especially as it’s  a second language for him/her.

All the sessions are on a 1:1 basis or in very small groups. The sessions are short and interesting with games and incentives. Children enjoy the sessions as there are achievable targets for them to master. Continuous assessment is used to track the child’s program and to adjust where necessary.