What is Legadel?

Legadel is an non-profit organisation and charity in north-west London that supports young children by providing an early intervention plan, which meets the developmental & educational needs of children failing to thrive and succeed at school.

Through the formulation of a personal plan for each child which includes the necessary input of relevant professionals as well as the support of specially trained Key Workers, these precious children will have bs’d the support they require to help them achieve their maximum potential and enjoy their years at school.

Why was Legadel created?

In June 2012, a group of parents and professionals created Legadel, to identify young children who are not thriving in the school system. The focus is on children who are having difficulties mastering key learning skills including fine motor coordination, adequate speech and language development, and reading. Any of these problems can lead to behavioural, social or emotional issues, and make the child’s experience of school an unhappy one.

Legadel will support parents who are aware their child has a problem and can spend many years trying to find the appropriate help. We understand that, even where help is available the system is extremely complex, lengthy and frustrating. In addition, the financial strain of privately financing many of these vital services can add extra pressure to an already difficult situation. Each one of the founders and trustees of Legadel has experience with children facing difficulties at school, either in a personal or in a professional capacity.