Navigating your Parenting Journey

Event - 3 Monthly Talks

Leanne Cowan Event (16th March)

Sarah Kramer Zoom Session

Speech Therapist at Legadel gave a public zoom session during covid in 2021

Baking demo for children

As the world learned to adapt to lockdown, Legadel seized the opportunity to use the time to help children develop new a new skill of baking bread whilst simultaneously leading how to manipulate kitchen equipment, understand safety rules of the kitchen and manage their own environment to make it functional for making bread.

The session was expertly led by Debbie French. Debbie has written her own cookbook for children special educational needs and is also a CBT Therapist based in Israel but also works remotely.

Activity packages for children during lockdown

Over COVID Legadel realised that many of the children they support will be feeling unsettled, and struggle with the lack of face-to-face human contact. We wanted them to know that we are thinking of them all and missing seeing them grow and develop. With that in mind, we set out to hand-deliver specially selected activities to help each child develop some skill in a specific area.

Finding Peace in a Challenging World: Zoom Session by Rabbi Yaakov Barr

The corona lockdown period proved challenging for families on so many levels. Aside from children’s academic progress, Legadel wanted to ensure that children’s (and parents!) emotional wellbeing was being considered. Legadel offered families a series of two workshops with Yaakov Barr (accredited clinical supervisor and psychotherapist) on stress management and creating a calm environment during chaotic times.

ADHD Training

On the 9th May 2019, Rachel Langford  a neuroscientist, with a special interest on the neuroscience of behaviour and consciousness gave a fascinating training to the Legadel staff. 

Her research in The Hadassah Medical School in Israel showed reversal of neural birth defects and learning disability induced by prenatal exposure to alcohol and pesticides.Rachel is the main clinician and the manager of our London Clinic.She served as a manager of The Galim Centre, TLV, Israel for over 10 years. The institute, founded by the late neuroscientist Yael Langford, offers neurotherapy treatments for ADD/ADHD, cognitive and peak performance treatments, and relief of stress and pain related medical conditions.Among the modalities used in the centre - A neurofeedback lab and clinic, R.E.S.T therapy treatments using sensory deprivation tanks and oscillated sounds. 

The evening was a tremendous success and gave staff an additional dimension to understand why the children we support might be experiencing some of the challenges they are and also give insight as to why they may be displaying some of their behaviours.  

Selective Mutism Workshop

Legadel recently hosted a workshop on selective mutism in its office in Golders Green, attended by 35 people. Presented by psychologist Ruth Perednik, an expert in the field, the workshop was entitled “Recognising and understanding selective mutism — and how we can help.”   

An increasing number of children are presenting with this issue, which is a complex childhood anxiety disorder. Legadel therefore thought it important to provide its staff, as well as school SENCOs, with appropriate skills, to help them gain a better insight to what can be a confusing and scary situation, both for the children and the adults who work with them.

Dr. Perednik is a pioneer in the field of treating selective mutism. She developed an effective and empowering treatment for selective mutism, has written books and research papers on the subject, and lectures around the world to teachers, parents and therapists. Dr. Perednik supervises and trains therapists, and has developed an online treatment course. Her treatment is based on cognitive behavioural methods, and has been effective in helping children and teens overcome selective mutism and social anxiety.

Behavior & Learning Workshop

Over the past two weeks Legadel in conjunction with Judith Nemeth from Al Pi Darko have been running parent workshops. The first week was on understanding behaviour and the second week was on understand learning and how you as a parent can understand and support your child better.

The sessions were held at Legadel and there was a good turnout at both events with a lot of audience participation. The workshops were an introduction as well asa brief insight into different tools and techniques parents can learn if they participate in the more intense and comprehensive 8 week Al Pi Darko parenting workshop.