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Staff Event 2017

Legadel recently held its annual staff dinner as a show of appreciation to all its members of staff, whether key workers, therapists or office staff. The event was held at Reich’s Banqueting Suite and was attended by over 50 people. Legadel is now in its fifth year and, as in previous years, the evening was an opportunity for the staff to receive words of appreciation and thanks as well as chizuk for all the hard work that they do to support all the kehillah’s children.

After a welcome speech, guest speaker Mrs. Esti Hamilton addressed the gathering. Mrs. Hamilton expressed her thanks and appreciation as a parent to all members of the community who, despite doing a “job,” chose to be involved in this specific type of “job.” She explained how raising children with any type of need is really a communal responsibility, and very often parents simply can’t do it alone! She went on to describe how the name Legadel was so fitting for this organization, as it really focuses on the concept of not only helping people to grow, but also to be a “Gadol” – someone who is able to see things from a broader perspective. As she said, “To be able to think out of the box, especially when looking for ways to help a child who doesn’t necessarily thrive in the approach that may work for other children.”

Over the next academic year, Legadel hopes to expand and take on another school, so that more children can receive the help and early intervention that can help them find school and learning a smoother and more successful experience.

‘Partners In The Future’ Event 2017


Tuesday 22nd May 2017, Kinloss Banqueting Suite



The communal response, however, indicate that Legadel will need an even larger venue next year. An overflow crowd from across the community gathered at the festively- decorated Kinloss Suite on Tuesday evening for the long-awaited event in support of the sacred work carried out by Legadel. In the four years since its inception, it has grown from operating in two schools to eleven, with a vision to expand to “all schools requiring its services”, in the words of Legadel Chairman Mr Aryeh Melinek.

Following a sumptuous buffet, catered by Reich Caterers, the gathering excitedly awaited the internationally-renowned dynamic Guest Speaker Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Jacobson. Drawing on sources as early as Midrashim, through the masters of Chassidus and as recent as 20th century Gedolei Yisroel, the guest speaker spoke for over an hour to an enthralled audience on the topic of welcoming and encouraging every child to flourish in their unique manner. He urged the assembled to ensure that Yiddishkeit is transmitted with joy and is not seen as an obstacle to happiness. He explained the manner in which this is achieved, primarily by being fully emotionally present for children and enabling them to have an image in their mind that invokes memories of love and happiness. What enabled Yosef Hatzaddik  to “refuse” the temptation of Potifar’s wife was the “refusal” of his father to give up on “the rejected brother”, despite his having many other children who were Tzaddikim. Every child must be appreciated as “an ambassador of love, life and hope and a prince of the Ribono Shel Olam”. In his energetic manner, Rabbi Jacobson shared many anecdotes from his rich experience as an educator.

A presentation was made by Mr Yoeli Schwartz founder of the organisation, in recognition of the Event  Chairman Mr Eli Sternlicht. Eli worked tirelessly to secure the success of the evening and was ably assisted by Rabbi N Yaffe, Mr A Bloom, Mr S Chontow, Mr Y Fisher, Mr Z Grosskopf, Mr M S Krauss, Mr C J Kesselman, Mr S Lipshitz, Mr S Miller, Mr Y Osteicher, Mr M Rogoff, Mr M Sondhelm and Mr M Weiss.

A Choir arranged by Symphony Productions delivered stunning renditions on many Chinuch-themed songs. The event was attended by Rabbonim from across the Kehilla.

The evening was dedicated L’ilui Nishmas the unforgettable deputy head of Pardes House Kindergarten, Suri Dubiner. The committee had made this decision in recognition of the fourteen years she devoted to bringing out the best in each child as well as being involved in many Chessed endeavours outside of the classroom.

The participants left spiritually and emotionally recharged, with strong appreciation for the work of the organisation.  With its mission being, in the words of project manager Mrs Sharonie Melavsky, to “support each and every child with early intervention”  tens of therapists and key workers have already made an enormous impact on all the schools they has reached, working together with parents and staff to navigate what was only recently, unfamiliar territory. Many parents have expressed their relief at their child being given another chance to succeed within the framework of the schools. 

Staff Event 2016

Last Tuesday night Legadel held its annual staff event. This much-anticipated evening is a great opportunity for Legadel to show its appreciation to all its dedicated staff members. Legadel’sstaff includes both professional therapists of all sorts – speech therapists, occupational therapist, physiotherapists, and specialists in literacy, numeracy and kriah – key workers, who sit in on all the sessions and carry out the child’s targets during the week, as well as office staff. They come from a wide spectrum of the community and beyond, but they all have one thing in common: their care and dedication to the children with whom they work with.

Legadel wanted to give something back to the people who make the organisation what it is. Last week’s informal evening enabled everyone to relax and chat with each other whilst enjoying a fabulous meal sponsored by Reich’s Catering. The staff were welcomed to the evening by Sharonie Melavsky who manages Legadel. Mr. Aryeh Melinek, chair of trustees, thanked all the team for their incredible dedication to the organisation, before introducing Rabbi Dr. David Roth, who was instrumental in helping to set up Legadel four years ago, to share some words of inspiration.

Legadel now supports nine schools and, with its dedicated staff body and trustee team, it hopes to continue to grow and support all those schools who would like to work together with them.

‘Partners In The Future’ Event 2016

Monday 23rd May 2016 NW FOUR Banqueting Suite 3 Bell Lane, London NW4 2BP Reception 7.30 pm until late

Staff Event 2015

24th of Nov 2015

‘Partners in the Future’ Event 2015

Tuesday 19th May 2015 NW FOUR Banqueting Suite 3 Bell Lane, London NW4 2BP Reception 7.30 pm until late

‘Partners in the Future’ Event 2014

Thursday 6th March 2014 NW Four Banqueting Suite, 3 Bell Lane, London NW4 2BP, Reception 7:30pm until late.

Kvias Hamezuzah - Dec 2013

Mr Rafi Gutwirth, Legadel Co-director, fixes a mezuzah in Legadel’s new premises

Rabbi Dr David Roth, Legadel consultant and Educational Psychologist (L) and Mr Yoeli Schwartz, Legadel Co-director (R) place a mezuzah on the new headquarters of Legadel in Golders Green

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